This can be hardcoat anodizing considered the workhorse of the three types of the anodizing processes. Type III (Hardcoat Anodizing) is specifically designed to treat aluminum components that are subject to heavy-duty wear and tear. With that, the material needs a thicker, denser and more resilient coat to protect from more damaging and corrosive environments.

Here are some benefits of Type III Anodizing:

  • Surfaces are repairable
  • Can be black dyed
  • Coating is harder than tool steel
  • Doesn’t conduct electricity
  • Improved parts surface
  • Improves wear resistance
Through this process we can see in thicknesses in upwards of 0.003”. Because of this the coating helps to improve the wear resistance on materials, which makes for long lasting functionality, higher quality material, less replacement demands and can also be used to salvage components that would otherwise need to be completely replaced. In addition to wear resistant applications, Type III Hardcoat Anodizing offers the greatest electrical insulation.

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