Aluminum Anodizing and its Advantages

Anodizing is a specialized process that helps your metal projects last longer and look better. It is an extremely complicated and potentially dangerous service, however, and one best left to those who are experienced in aluminum anodizing services. But what is anodizing and what benefits does it bring specifically?

But first: what is anodizing? This refers to the process of giving a metal extra resistance to corrosion, which often occurs because of the metal’s exposure to oxygen and moisture. By anodizing, you can actually give the metal an extra layer of protection. Since aluminum is such a useful metal, but is very susceptible to corrosion, anodizing is often employed during an aluminum anodizing service to give it extra longevity and durability.

The actual anodizing process employed during an aluminum anodizing service involves an electrolytic process. The piece of metal is submerged into an electrolytic solution; it is basically bathed in an acid solution, along with a cathode. A current of electricity is then passed through the bath, which causes hydrogen to be released from the cathode. Oxygen then forms on the surface and a metal oxide film grows on the surface of the metal that is being treated. The result is an extra layer of protection that is partially oxidized, leaving the metal underneath less susceptible to corrosion.

When you have aluminum treated through an aluminum anodizing service, you can ensure that your project has added longevity, but there are a number of other advantages that come along with aluminum anodizing. Here are just a few of those advantages.

Repairable Surfaces

Thanks to the film created by the aluminum anodizing service process, you can actually repair the surface of your aluminum. This means your aluminum will look better for longer, and when the eventual wear and tear happens, you can easily make it look like new.

Can Be Dyed Black

While aesthetics aren’t everything, there is something important about being able to dye your metal the color that you need. With the right aluminum anodizing service, you can enjoy a black coating, which can have certain non-aesthetic benefits or can simply give you the look that you need.

A Tougher Coating

Since the coating created during an aluminum anodizing service puts a layer of metal on top of the aluminum, it actually creates a tougher exterior. This is perfect for aluminum projects that require added durability. With the right aluminum anodizing service, the surface of your aluminum can actually be tougher than tool steel.

Won’t Conduct Electricity

Since the anodizing process creates a film of metal on top of the aluminum, there are certain kinds of anodizing that will insulate it from electricity. This is essential for certain projects and can add a level of safety that is otherwise impossible. This specialized kind of anodizing can only be performed by experienced aluminum anodizing service experts.

Anodizing is a long-term solution for helping you get the most out of your metal products, ensuring that your projects last longer, look better, and are more durable with a simple anodizing process. If you are looking for an aluminum anodizing service, look for those who can offer you a wide variety of anodizing services that match your needs, whether you need specialty processes or have a specific color in mind.