The Benefits of Gold Plating Services

Gold plating is not a new technique; it has been traced back to northern Peru, where Pre-Columbian smiths gilded and silvered copper pieces by electrochemical techniques. In the 1980s, archaeologists discovered gold and silver ornamental and ceremonial artifacts that dated back to AD 50 – 300. The process of gold electroplating begins with a metal object, such as copper or silver, being lowered into an electrolyte solution that contains dissolved gold ions and other chemicals. After the part is submerged, it is run through an electric current so the gold plating can bond to the surface. The longer the object is submerged in the solution, the thicker the plating becomes. Gold plating services require time, skill, and precision. But is it worth it? Let’s discuss the 4 benefits of choosing gold plating services.

1. Durability

Gold contains a number of unique properties that make it ideal for numerous gold plating services. One of these properties is durability. Because gold is a noble metal, it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in most environments. This quality helps to prolong the lifespan of the substrate and reduces the effect of wear over time. While gold may tarnish slightly, this doesn’t cause damage to the metal, and it can be removed by polishing. Gold is also the most non-reactive metal and is unaffected by moisture and heat, so it will not rust when it is exposed to the natural elements.

2. Electrical Conductivity

Since gold does not react to oxygen, it is an excellent conductor of electricity, and gold plating services can provide an effective shield against intense heat. Resistance to corrosion plays a critical part for electrical components because oxidation causes a less reliable electrical connection. Gold’s non-corrosive quality enables a smooth surface and protects against coating buildup, which allows for a stronger electrical connection.

3. Heat protection

Gold has a melting point of 1943 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1062 degrees Celsius, which makes gold plating services the most suitable way to protect other materials against the damages of high temperatures. Not only does gold conduct electricity, but it is also great at conducting heat, which makes it useful for electronics that may become hot after use. For applications that involve frequent and intense exposure to heat, it is recommended to increase the thickness of the gold plating. Doing so will also increase the resistance to heat.

4. Malleability

Gold is one of the most malleable and highly ductile metals. What does this mean? Gold can stretch out into thin wire and spread out when placed under pressure. This creates a larger connection area, which helps create a more reliable connectivity. Regardless of multiple uses, gold’s flexibility remains intact and helps electronic devices continue to function correctly.

5. Appearance

Not only does gold plating enhance the beauty of other metals, but it also improves the overall resistance to wear. Fretting depredation occurs when there is exposure to repeated surface motion and pressure. Vibration and twisting are perfect examples of fretting depredation. Gold is one of the best metals to use in plating services because it is not susceptible to fretting. This provides extra protection to the metal underneath it. Although gold plating, as applied by gold plating services, will eventually wear off naturally, it can easily be re-plated.

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