Differences between Powder Coating and Liquid Paint

Are you looking for the right sheet metal finishing technique? You have a number of options, including liquid paint and powder coating—so how do you know when it’s right to choose a liquid painting service over a powder coating service to finish your product? In short, it depends on the features and application of the product; but before we get into the discussion of whether liquid painting services are better than powder coating services under these specific circumstances, let’s first take a look at what each type of service entails.

Liquid painting services

Otherwise known as wet paint, liquid painting services describe the application of wet paint to ferrous or non-ferrous parts for finishing. Typically, the end result leaves your product with a thin coating, between 15-20 micrometers. It also provides your product with protection against corrosion when it is properly treated.

When should you choose liquid painting services over powder coating services?

If you are looking for a thin coat that is going to protect your product against corrosion while still providing you with a range of color and color-matching options, then you are going to want to choose liquid paint services over powder coating. Beyond the thinner finish, wider color selection, and corrosion resistance, liquid painting services are also the more economical option.

Powder coating services

Powder coating services offer an entirely different way to finish your product. As the name suggests, it does not require a liquid state for the finish to adhere to the product’s surface. Instead, an electrostatic spray deposits the polymer powder to the metal part, which is then cured by a heating process. This process of coating creates long molecular chains, which means the finish is durable, yet remains flexible. It is, however, much thicker (four to 10 times thicker) than the finish procured by liquid painting services.

When should you choose powder coating over liquid painting services?

Powder coating becomes more effective than liquid painting services when you need improved corrosion resistance and durability, but make sure the added thickness of the finish isn’t going to interfere with the function or utility of the product. You will also find more restricted color selection. While there are a multitude of colors available, liquid painting services still tend to offer more paint-matching options. The main benefit of powder coating, however, is durability. If you are looking for resistance to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing for a part or product that is going to get a lot of heavy use, then powder coating provides the most durable, long-lasting, color-durable, and economical finish available.

Where to go for metal finishing services

If you are looking for metal finishing services, whether you are looking for liquid painting services or powder coating applications—or if you still need help deciding between the two—then Sun-Glo has the solution for your high-quality, high-demand metal finishing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our processes, our high standards, or to get the information you need to get the right finish properly in place on your product.