Know the Benefits of CNC Machining Services

Whether you are in the manufacturing industry, or are in one of the many fields that require custom components or tools, computer-numerical control (CNC) machining can be a great boon to your business. A CNC machine shop can produce high quality, precise custom designed components for your business, whether it is during a prototyping phase or during full scale production. There are many benefits for you to hire CNC machining services such as those available from Sun Glo.

CNC Machines

A CNC machine shop uses computer number control systems to run machines such as lathes, routers, grinders, drills, or mills that used to be run by skilled laborers. CNC computers use software to control a vast variety of manufacturing machines through a machine language called G-Code which allows for very precise control of speed, location, coordination and feed rate of the machines. As well, through computer assisted design (CAD) programs, designers can use computers to create virtual 3D models which can be fed into CNC machines to create physical components with high accuracy. CNC machines can, at a basic level, cut along the X- and Y- axes with their implements, but they can work independently and simultaneous, however, more advanced machines can work up to five axes, including the Z-axes and flipping and turning the part being machined.

CNC Benefits over Conventional

The use of CNC machines in a CNC machine shop is superior to conventional machining primarily due to the accuracy of the results, but also the saved costs in workforce needed. Conventionally you needed one worker per machine used during the machining process, but now one CNC machine operator is equivalent to several conventional workers as they can program the computer to use multiple machines. Handing off the processing to a computer greatly reduces error rates, and increases the precision of machines to an accuracy level within 0.0001%. For small projects, since the machine does need a highly skilled operator to program the instruction set, it may not be as cost-effective as conventional. However, as you scale up the amount of items needed to be produced, CNC machining becomes much more cost-effective because the same instruction set can be used repeatedly.

CNC Benefits in General

The benefits of using a CNC machine shop include, but are not limited to:

– High precision: eliminate human error and have an accuracy of within 1/1000th.

– High Endurance: CNC machines are designed to run 24/7 and only need to stop for repairs or maintenance.

– Scalability and Production: Once a design has been entered into a CNC machine it can consistently create in high qualities, and operations can scale up as needed.

– Capability: Using CAD designs, CNC machines can create precise and intricate items that just simply cannot be replicated by machine machines run by humans.

– Consistent Product: You can expect every piece created by a CNC machine to be exactly the same.

– Safety: The skilled operators are using the machines from a safe distance away from any sharp tools.

Is CNC Right for You?

If you need complex tools, or components, or large scale production of components then you should consider hiring a CNC machine shop to create high precision quality components that are cost effective. Contact Sun Glo today to discover why our CNC machining services are right for you.