Why Powder Coating Beats Painting Metal

When it comes to the metal fabrication industry there are many different finishing options available but there wasn’t always a variety of methods to choose from. Before the 1940s, metal was simply painted, however, paint does not bond very well to metal and it is very easy to reach the maximum coating thickness. While powder coating is a relatively new method, it provides a more flawless and professional look that also has numerous benefits compared to other coating options. Here are five reasons why you should opt for powder coating services over painting metal.

1. Flexibility

Unlike paint, powder coating has the ability to bend and yield with the metal object to which is has been applied to. This is an especially unique quality because it does not compromise the finish. The flexibility that powder coating services provide is especially important for machinery and equipment that has moving components.

2. Time

Powder coating services are much more convenient than paint because the application only requires a single coat. This allows the coating to cure much quicker than liquid paint. When the powder coated item is removed from the gas-fired convection oven, the finish can dry within 10 to 20 minutes while traditional liquid paint can take days to completely cure. You cannot achieve an even finish the first time you paint an object, and it requires several coats to properly adhere and attain an even finish.

3. Quality

Powder coating provides a much thicker and dense finish than paint. Let’s compare the variances, which definitely speak for themselves. Wet paint ranges from 0.5 to 1 millimeters while powder coating services range from 6 to 10 or more millimeters. A machine, piece of equipment, or industrial part that is powder coated can last up to 20 years. Furthermore, powder coating services provide a much more even finish as the powder melts and adheres to the entire object at once. There are no drips or traces of imperfections, and unlike painting, the thickness is consistent throughout.

4. Environmental Impact

Unlike paint, powder coating does not contain fluids that evaporate, and as a result of this no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are produced. VOCs are known to be health hazards to both humans and animals. They are also dangerous pollutants to the land and water, but powder coating services do not produce waste-water discharge. There is no heavy metals or carcinogenic agents running into sewer systems or ground water. Powder coating can also be recycled! The material loss can be kept under 5%, unlike paint which has a 70% material loss due to over-spray during the application process.

5. Variety

Choosing powder-coating services over paint also allows you more variety. You can choose custom textures and colors because the powders used can easily be manipulated. Unlike paint, powder is available in a variety of resin bases such as epoxies, hybrids, polyesters, and acrylics. In addition to this wide range of bases, you can also choose different gloss levels.

So if you are looking for powder coating services, or are weighing the pros and cons of it against paint, check us out!