Hardcoat Anodizing – For A Very High Surface Hardness

Anodizing is an electrochemical process used to create a durable and decorative coating on aluminum. There are many complex variables which require a firm understanding of the process and the use of risk management and best practices. So, it’s important to find an experienced hardcoat anodizing company, and not try to do it yourself.

Anodizing is a Specialized Industry

Anodizing can do some things, but it can’t do everything. Some people think you can just dip an item into a mixture during the anodizing process. This is alarming because problems can arise during the process. There are several critical factors involved from the beginning to end during anodizing. There are five main factors that a hardcoat anodizing company does to produce high quality results.

Source Material a Hardcoat Anodizing Company Uses

The aluminum alloy is important for very high surface hardening. Alloys have different composition of alloying elements. Some anodize well, but not all. After choosing a proper alloy it’s important to use the same lot for the entire job. Another important aspect is the stock quality from the supplier.

Preparing the Surface for Anodizing

Hardcoat anodizing is different than other finishing processes because it shows the aluminum substrate during the process similar to developing film. Thus, it’s important to think about all aspects of surface preparation before anodizing begins. A hardcoat anodizing company will properly handle and care for the parts to ensure a consistent result.

Maintaining Control of the Chemistry

Probably the most critical aspect to get consistent and quality results when anodizing materials is keeping tight controls on the chemistry. There are several steps such as cleaning, pre-treatment, anodizing, coloring (unless it’s clear), sealing and many rinses between the steps. A hardcoat anodizing company will closely watch while each step is taken for PH, temperature, time, and concentration.

Maintaining Tank Controls

When anodizing high surface materials, a hardcoat anodizing company keeps several controls of the tank to make sure the coating is high quality and consistent. Along with the chemistry of the tank it’s important that the electrical source is calibrated regularly. Additionally, temperature, agitation, quality of the cathodes and anodizing time also affect the final result of the anodizing process.

Quality of High Surface Hardening

It should be obvious that the success of the anodizing process can be rated by the quality of the work seen in the end product; and if not then when it’s used. The outcome really depends on the knowledge and competence of the one who’s doing it. Although its quite easy to find a hardcoat anodizing company in Florida, finding a good one might not be. Not putting the job into a professional hands can be a means to disaster.

Tip for Finding a Reputable Hardcoat Anodizing Company

When placing a high surface hardening job in the hands of a company make sure you clearly your quality expectations and you feel comfortable with their specialization and education.

If you need hardcoat anodizing for a very a very high surface hardening, we can help. We’re a hardcoat anodizing company in Clearwater with over 25 years experience, to talk about your project, or get a quote you can visit our website.